MC Kats Finally Buries Hatchet With Rich Gang

MC Kats Finally Buries Hatchet With Rich Gang
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Katamba Edwin popularly known as Mc Kats was early this year on an exclusive beef with self-proclaimed rich gang members, Ivan Ssemwanga, Eddie Cheune and King Lawrence for not handsomely paying him for the work he did of making these guys popular.

Kats posted this in January this year. [It's unedited]

“ I hate putting my shit on social media but am just too screwed and can’t end up like a condom.

4years back i met this hungry man for fame called Ivan S aka Rich Gang mbu...through my old time friend Zarinah Tlale
He asked me how he could be famous, me being a graduate in journalism i started the art...made him meet all media people who now still think i earn from him so much shit it hurts.
I swear before My friend Charlie from silk doing their PR i did all the behind the curtains...
But they threw money i was watching but not paid apart from 50k and the ‘will see you tomorrow crap’
All you have to know if it wasn’t for Zari none of these RGM (Rich Gang Members) would be known...but i did the behind the curtains after Zari…They promised me too much i think i cud have A Lambo by now…..but i called ..Whatsapped… Mailed for all this time nothing…When they always left…though
Ivan once gave me 1m and Zari times i picked it from Kikubo next day. 3years ago, but people think have gained a lot from them noo am not different from u who fights for money when they throw it…Am not tarnishing but have kissed ass.. for long they tell u come to serena while u wait they can’t even buy you food and you there for over 4hours yet u work u do the plan crazy a night it….they are not famous for money we made u believe they have money n if they do please show me one investment in Uganda this is between me and Ivan and Lawrence no one else
So am not ok when u see me with them no….N if i have you debt will pay not from them will get it. Like they said in Club Silk on reaped Jeans to give me 20m please if they ever i promise i will gave 10m to charity..."

The latest we can reveal is that the trio dusted the beef off with Mc Kats and actually hosted them on his daily After 5 show on NBS to talk about their Rich gang their annual Fame, Money and power show at industrial based club governor.

However, we have heard, these self-proclaimed gave MC Kats 5 million to forget what happened.

We were unable to have a comment from MC Kats by press time

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