Hilda Bahati 'Desperately' Seeking For A Lover

Hilda Bahati 'Desperately' Seeking For A Lover
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-21T05:58:40Z

The so-called relationship counsellor is looking for love after being played by a town Engineer. Hilda Bahati who was married three years back quit the relationship over domestic violence.

She is right now busy looking for true love. 

A few days back, she posted on her twitter account crying out loud that, 

"It hurts to be solving other people’s problems but can’t solve hers. It is very sad indeed". 

For those who are new to the name Hilda Bahati, she is a relationship counsellor who happens to co-host the morning NTV show with Farida Nakazibwe.

We wish her the best

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