Toniks Other Girlfriend Leaves Barclays Bank For Standard Chartered

Toniks Other Girlfriend Leaves Barclays Bank For Standard Chartered
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Barbra Kabikire who has been working with Barclays bank has left the bank for standard chartered bank. Her resignation at Barclays is not yet known but we confirm her departure.

Barba Kabikire has Toniks’s first born child. She came to light when she threatened to sue Toniks over child support. She claimed they met in a bar and made the baby from the bar.

In fact in an interview she did with Kampala sun she had this to say,

“We had sex twice. I conceived and when I told him, he stopped picking my phone calls. Whenever I used to call, he would give the phone to another guy to tell me he is not in the country. He later told me, the baby is not his that I should take   him to the right father. I decided to go straight to her mum who works with Mbarara hospital as a doctor and narrated my  agony to her. She told me to take heart, give birth and she will give me any help I would need”

 In the same interview, she further had this to say.

 “He likes women and worst of all he is the guy who doesn’t like using condoms. I remember on our second day of meeting we had live sex. We were from a bar in Bugolobi. He came with two guys in car. They found me at the Gabiro. Tonix is the guy who can play hard on you when it comes to sex. Since we had agreed to date on phone, he told me to find him in the car. I thought he was going to tell me something. When I reached in the car he asked for sex instantly. I also didn’t want to lose him because I liked him and had known him way back from Mbarara"

There you have it. We will keep you posted

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