Sheila Nduhukire Sets Date To Leave NTV

Sheila Nduhukire Sets Date To Leave NTV
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-17T12:30:19Z

Come January 1st, NTV’s on-form Sheila Nduhukire will cease an employ of Nation Group media over payment issues if we are to go by the reports obtained by Howwe.Biz. 

A few weeks back, we learned she handed in her new contract demands and they were not met. 

Here is what the source told us,

She was promised that they will handle the issue and come to her terms. By then Josephine Karungi was away and she had promised not to come back in the country. So NTV management was in a panicky mood and wanted to keep Sheila. Yesterday Sheila was told to leave if she wants after Josephine came back. They are sorted with Sheila. Sheila wants a heavy pay for her services something her mentor Maurice Mugisha is not in support of.

 We are waiting to see what happens on 1st January.

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