Sheebah Is Just A Sex Addict — Rapper Keko

Sheebah Is Just A Sex Addict — Rapper Keko
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-15T10:29:42Z

The fight between Sheebah Karungi and Rapper Keko will never end. In one of the interviews with Keko, she revealed to us how Sheebah is just a sex addict. Keko added that Sheeba sleeps with every Tom and Dick. 

She further claimed that one day when they were in a relationship, she slapped Sheebah after finding her sleeping with a video vixen in their room. 

Keko also added that Sheeba will never sing a song not inspired by sex. She is the kind who goes and gets sex and in the morning goes to the studio to make a song about it.

Keko calls upon the ethics minister Lukodo to ban Sheeba from singing. She particularly pointed out the farmer song by Sheeba is vulgar and it doesn’t deserve to be on the airwaves.

Wow, that some beef there. We wait to hear what Sheebah responds.

We will keep you updated.

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