MC Kats And Nutty Neithan’s Beef Intensifies

MC Kats And Nutty Neithan’s Beef Intensifies
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-05T07:24:42Z

The battle for a bean, the beef between Mc Kats and Nutty Neithan has just taken a whole new twist. Kats accuses Nutty Neithan of bedding his baby Mama after the two recorded a song together. Nutty Neithan allegedly the third musician to have bonked Fille after previous accusations of Weasel and the late Ak 47. Kats has had a brawl with all the above .

Another funny scenario happened on Friday night during Sheebah's concert at hotel Africana where the two had appeared to curtain rise.While backstage Mc Kats kept a gloomy attitude after spotting Fille and Nutty around who actually arrived at the same time. 

To avoid likely brawls Fille isolated herself and joined the audience this left Mc Kats making live confessions on the Microphone how he has endless love for the baby mama in this case to hurt Nutty.

Being the night's host Fille and Nutty were later told that they stood no chance to step on the stage time had gone despite having arrived earlier than a number of musicians. Kats stimulated for all this leaving Nutty Neithan and Fille in shock so what the two did is to stand aside and enjoy the show.

You just don't eat someone's baby Mama and walk away like that.

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