Top 5 Artsites That Corporate Companies Are Scared To Hire And Why.

Top 5 Artsites That Corporate Companies Are Scared To Hire And Why.
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December is here and it's that time of the year when a number of companies jump to making annual staff parties. Our snoops have tried to walk around the exotic hotels and recreation ground ... the likes of  Speke hotel Munyonyo, Imperial Royal hotel, Serena, Jahazi Pier, Kati Kati restaurant, Golf course name it.

Our aim was to ask those service providers organising such parties which artistes have been rubbished when tabled to their clients because of some weird vices here and there.

Let me take you through the top 5 artistes and why clients are afraid to hire them.

Bebe Cool 

Real name Moses Ssali, has been on the music scene for about 20 years now and is undoubtedly a legend. However, selling him to some audiences for a gig is hard work. Bebe cool is highly feared for his arrogance exhibited in talk and social media networks. Some people actually still think he jumps on the tables and undresses during the performance. Adding salt to the wound his earlier participation in the Tubonga Nawe project a song that was done by a number of artistes to lure votes for the incumbent president has killed lots of work for many that are not in support of the regime . Bebe Cool not the "cool" as his name.


Karungi Sheeba is a hot cake at the moment and leading female sale with no doubt. She is feared for her dress code by many companies which has prompted strict regulations during her performance. The other issue with the self-proclaimed queen of the area will run to the Managing Director's table and dub erotic dance strokes. Many have fear for that.

Jose Chameleone.

The musical doctor is another problem. The major vice here is a failure to turn up for the show, the type that you will deposit on but will end up playing games hours to the show and will not give clear excuses. And when he turns up he might end up sampling 10 songs in 4 minutes and will be done for a performance worthy 5million.

Radio and Weasel

The dynamic duo, and for long these two will be called boys just because of their conduct. By the way, a number of people believe these guys will deliver but problem lately is having them arrive at the venue same time and sober to execute work. They will keep time and arrive early but get drunk in the waiting lobby to their performance this hurts many clients.  The Tubonga Nawe syndrome is also still alive

Comedian MC Kapale  

This Luganda joker has kept momentum with his hilarious work but a few in the corporate world would be free to consume his work. MC Kapale's work rotates around tribe, woman and above all he is so obscenity. Most people are shy to hear bedroom matters made a joke of in public and trust me Kapale is not for the corporate world.

Mc Kats

He might be the most popular Mc of all time especially to the young crowd but doesn't work for a number of corporates. Invite Kats for NSSF end of year staff party and you will witness the mixed up drama. The first thing he will fail at is the dress code and even when he tries to have a suit on maybe somehow there will no belt on the trousers accompanied with a casual shoe. He also seems not to be friends with the press which make him a very unlikeable character, just the other week Mc Kats lost his WizKid emceeing gig to Daggy Nice because of the overwhelmingly negative media about Fille saga.

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