Insider Claims Singer BigEye Used Witch Craft To Fail Wiz Kid’s Concert

Insider Claims Singer BigEye Used Witch Craft To Fail Wiz Kid’s Concert
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Wow . . . the showbiz game is on some next LEVEL ISH nowadays . . .

According to a close friend within the circles of singer Bigeye, claims that the singer is very excited about Wiz Kid’s concert cancellation.

The snitch says, he heard Bigeye celebrating using words, ‘Omusaawo akoola’ literally meaning ‘Witchcraft really works’.

Howwe.Biz I want you to let your fans know that BigEye used juju to fail Wiz Kid’s show. Recently, he went to Kayunga to get Black Magic, I don’t know for what! But hearing him today say Omusaawo akoola…. Am starting to believe. It was meant for that…

I know that you guys might find this hard to believe but it’s true… Do your research you’ll see.

We tried to reach the singer’s manager on phone over these allegations and he had this to say for our snoops.

“Am sorry for the Face TV, but for our side it’s a blessing in disguise. Whether witchcraft or not, it’s not my concern.”, he said

It should be noted, Bigeye and Wiz Kid were supposed to have a concert on the same day. Unfortunately this has not happened.

Below is the statement


The WizKid live in Kampala organizers; FACETV would like to thank you for your support. The excitement around the Wizkid concert has been heartwarming.

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that Wizkid w. unable to fly into the country last night from LA, USA where he is at the moment night; due to unavoidable circumstances.

To our sponsors; we do apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Wizkid’s Ugandan fans are some of the dearest to him and he was distraught to be unable not fly to Uganda. He sends his love and apologies to the Ugandan people.

We are still in touch with Wizkid to consider a later date which will be communicated. For more information, please call 0393216470

FACE TV Management

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