A Pass Shares Nasty Story Behind Mariana Song

A Pass Shares Nasty Story Behind Mariana Song
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Well, most of you that think artists don't sing about their lifestyle then y'all wrong. When these people appear for interviews and questioned what inspires their music most shun away with excuses.

Alex Bagonza stage name A pass who recently released a monster reggae jam titled Mariana in which he talks about a beautiful girl.

On facebook shared A pass what drove him to write such a song.

So many girls and boys men and women look good but they have H.I.V and they are not honest to their partners/BF and GF that's why I did #mariana
Let me tell you a story one of my good friends told me, a story of a guy who got H.i.V and he was almost dying but God and the hospital saved his life, this guy got better he regained his body shape back, he looked healthy yet a few months ago he was like a straw,he started hunting for young university girls, because he looked good and no girl could imagine him having Aids, one day he was getting out of club with a bunch of young girls and my friend happened to be there, This guy put them in his car and drove off, My friend and a bunch of other guys chased this car and stopped it. He then told the girls to get out and told them bluntly that's they will lose their lives if they deal with this guy some of the girls listened and one girl refused.
A year after he met the girl who refused to get out of the car and she said to him with a crying face that you warned me but I didn't listen i am the girl that stayed in the car. She was infected with the virus. #AidsisReal #ItReal #GetTested #GetThemTested #UseProtection."

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