Winnie Nwagi Insults Fans With F**K You Words

Winnie Nwagi Insults Fans With F**K You Words
Photo: Unknown 2016-11-12T12:27:51Z

A few days ago, Winnie Nwagi was the guest artist at the Victoria Pub in Kireka. She arrived at the bar at around 1am looking tired and worn out. 

After performing three songs, Winnie asked fans if she can give them more after a short break. She never appeared back on stage and her bitter fans followed her in the bar parking lot and started abusing her. 

She fired back by telling them to fuck off and other strong Luganda words. 

Winnie is fond of abusing journalists by assuring them how she no longer needs them. A few months back she almost exchanged blows with Urban TV presenter after he had requested for an interview and said she wasn't at the venue for the interview rather than performing.

We shall keep you updated.

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