Sheebah Reveals The Name Of The Man Who Took Away Her Virginity!

Sheebah Reveals The Name Of The Man Who Took Away Her Virginity!
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Celebrated singer Sheebah Karungi, popularly known as Queen Sheebah among her sheebaholics has made a revelation that might come to you as a shocker.

Speaking exclusively to a local media house in an interview, the best female artist in Uganda finally talked about her sex life….

In her story, she says she is a typical juvenile delinquent.

At the age of 15, she ran off from school and her home in Kawempe, went to the streets, and slept in empty churches and at times bars.  While there in 2005, Sheebah met one of her best friend Angel Nakitende, who apparently introduced her to kimansulo (striptease craze) to make small money to get off street.

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During that period, Sheebah was the subject of child sex abuse. The singer lost her virginity at 15 years to a man she only remembered as Lambert while still sleeping in dingy bars.

Apparently, the sex was hysterical … and does not remember much or how many men she had intercourse with thereafter.

“I was only 15 and that is so many years ago. I do not think it matters now,” Sheebah said.

Meanwhile, Nkwantako singer admitted that she even had to change her name from Samali Karungi to Sheebah Karungi to erase that tragic part of her life.

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