Pallaso Denies Beating Ray Signature Like A Chicken Thief

Pallaso Denies Beating Ray Signature Like A Chicken Thief
Photo: Unknown 2016-11-01T10:48:10Z

 Yesterday, Ray signature came up crying to the public of how he was pounded by Pallaso's gang on Saturday Morning. Apparently, the helpless Ray was thumped and his car damaged at Cayenne parking lot.

"Am one artist who respects every one coz am respected today morning Pallaso' kiffesi attacked me n did a lot to me beating n minimizing me but yooo the case is at police as I talk ryt now my car was damaged but God is good am not please please I need peace but this was too much. My God is greater than me n u Pallaso just know" posted Ray signature

Well, Pallaso has come up to clear his name of what was said by Ray Signature,  

I hear rumors going around that a member of my crew attacked Ray Signature. I don’t know the whole truth about it but if it happened. That’s too bad. If its false then that is good. But Ray Signature is my good friend. I have respect for him and his works. So I ask everybody to please not create a situation out of this and my name out. Stop getting people confused with false allegations. People disagree every day and if I am not part of it that’s their business not mine. I hope Ray come out and make this clearer. But like I said me and him is friends and never had any problem.


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