MC Kats Back To Work With A Mask

MC Kats Back To Work With A Mask
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-19T08:08:09Z

Last week on Friday night,social media was treated to a shock when renowned Mc Kats was battered by fiancee Fille to a sorry state.

Wounded Mc Kats shared images of his injured face on social media with a caption "this is what I get after 4 years", well the true reason for the fight is not yet established though rumor has it that the war is about signing an official managerial contract.

Kats skipped appearing for his NBS After five show on Monday evening but reported on Tuesday with a cloth wrapped around his mouth to hide off the wounded jaws.

It's also rumored that his job at NBS is at stake because the management doesn't want to deal with incompetent people

We shall keep you updated.

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