A Pass Opens War on ‘Greedy’ Bebe Cool.

A Pass Opens War on ‘Greedy’ Bebe Cool.
Photo: Unknown 2016-02-20T16:26:47Z

Could we be about to witness a bloody beef between self-styled best dancehall musician A Pass and legendary musician and Gagamel boss Bebe Cool?


This comes after A Pass attacked Bebe Cool through a Facebook comment that read; ‘Time will catch up with those who cared about currency and not legacy. #UgandaDecides Congrats’

The comment was after Bebe Cool’s congratulatory message to the president of Republic of Uganda, YK Museveni, that read;


Yeeeeeeeeeeee NRM oyeeeeeeeee.
Congratulations Your excellence YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI and the entire NRM.
I also wish to thank the Ugandan opposition for the part played during this period but mostly FDC candidate Dr KIZZA BESIGYE for representing the the minority with a different opinion.
I must thank Ugandans in general for participating even strongly than ever.
I thank the members of the press and security that have worked tirelessly to see this process through.


It should be noted that A Pass and Bebe Cool have been friends; we are not so sure whether such a comment will go down well with Bebe Cool!


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