How P**Sy Shy A Pass Died In His Own Movie

How P**Sy Shy A Pass Died In His Own Movie
Photo: Unknown 2016-01-14T14:11:51Z

The singer has made a cowardly U turn following his shocking intimate but childish proposal to J. Cole's secret admirer the gorgeous Flavia Tumusiime.

In a Facebook post, he sent tongues waggling as he confessed his feelings to the NTV news anchor. As if that's not lame enough, he further broke another limb by apologizing for "hurting her with his feelings" even before she made a public reply.

Like American rapper, Flavia similarly left A Pass in the cold. She has not responded, a thing we guess she learnt (the hard way) after her own claims about J Cole were ignored like price inflation in a strip club.

According to one Basimiire Edgar, a staunch A Pass fan the singer needs help. "I think A Pass is extremely shy. Despite his fame, my girlfriend can chuck him in a facebook message...moreover Facebook Zero message with no emojis to make him feel less hurt."

Another fan was full of praises for A Pass' master stroke in marketing his new lovey dovey tune "Would you kiss me" which is crafted with a love theme.

He claimed the singer is simply raising dust. One MUK graduate stated that A Pass reminded him of primary school days when shy boys would be forced to sit with older adolescent girls who would tease them about their pink flowery knickers! He imagined A Pass sitting next to Flavia while smiling like a well fed cat.

"He would be the kind of guy that claims a girl is his lover just because they shared a razor blade in a fine art lesson", he equipped. Whatever the case may be Flavia still emerges the winner yet again in the public eye.

She remains a mystery and the good thing; we have a full year to know her better. Officially we declare the battle for her heart an open contest after A Pass and J Cole's poor curtain raiser performance. (Who has SK or Meddie Sentoggo's number?)

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