Different Types Of Couples. Which One Are You?

Different Types Of Couples. Which One Are You?
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From absolutely romantic and loving to erratic, the dating world has it all. We’re taking a look at the major types of relationships we’ve seen.


This type of relationship usually involves people who are almost opposites of each other. Growing up, everyone thinks that absolutely gorgeous people end up with like people, and the not-so-fine ones get the uglies, but it’s never quite so. Life is never really fair. Sometimes, the pretty ones end up choosing the ugly ones, and of course, seeing people like that together always leaves you wondering what’s going on, but hey, that’s the way life goes.


Love is such a consuming feeling. When it hits you, it just takes complete control, and makes you do all sorts. This type of couple are usually all over each other. They engage in PDA wherever they feel like, and never hesitate to show love to themselves. They usually have the sweetest names for each other too.


Couples who fall in this category usually have an erratic relationship because they’re always fighting. It’s like one minute they’re happy and together, and the next they’re arguing about something stupid. They fight and make up always, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to not get involved because they have a way to make up eventually.


These ones constantly leave you confused as to what’s really happening between them. One minute you get the impression they’re just really super close, and it’s nothing more, and then, they do something to get you thinking the opposite. They’re together of course, but they don’t want people getting involved in their business so they keep it on the low.


Just like we have Jay Z and Beyonce shaking up the world of music and entertainment, there are lots of other equally successful couples around the world. The man is doing well in his chosen profession, and the woman is on top of her game. They’re respected, and they have so many people admiring them.


People in this category don’t care about age, and as a matter of fact, make it seem like it’s nothing. There are a lot of them around the world – 70-year-olds dating 30-year-olds, 20-year-olds dating 40-year-olds. You probably wonder why they’re together, but they don’t care, and they just make age look like a joke.

Alright, so now you see there are different kinds of relationships out there aside the one you know. Which one is your type?

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