Best Feelings In The World Only Females Can Understand

Best Feelings In The World Only Females Can Understand
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Unlike men, girls have a lot of restrictions in life generally and are always on the look out to be of good behaviour or else the whole society comes crashing down on them. 

There are a lot of things they do and it finally feels so great, that men would never understand and here are a few of them.

1. Getting Out Of Their Bra

There is no feeling greater than finally getting home and taking off your bra and letting them “tatas” free.




2. Finally Getting Those High Heels Off Your Feet

Shoes are bae!




3. Getting A Free Ride From That Stranger

…. And he doesn’t flirt with you nor ask for your number



4. When You Get Your Period After Thinking You Were Pregnant

Oh! Happy day 💃🏿💃🏿




5. When Your Makeup Comes Out Great At Your First Attempt

When you’re trying that make-up tutorial on youtube for the first time and it comes out perfect, no feeling can beat that.

Image: TotalBeauty



6. When You Finally Get Over Your Ex

Screw that brother 💁🏿💁🏿

Black women friends

Image: HuffingtonPost


7. When Your Crush Finally Kisses Your Forehead

Awww bae! 😩😍❤️

Image: Communityjournal



8. When You Can Finally Eat Your food In Peace

A lot of women can’t eat as they want to when they’re in public, the best feeling when you’re home all by yourself and you can eat anyhow you want.

jollof rice


9. When You Finally Get A Place To Pee

Unlike men who can stand practically anywhere and pee, women can’t do that and so when their bladder gets full and they are in town, they have to hold it in until they get a good place to pee. When they finally get that perfect place and finally get to pass that urine, no feeling comes close to that.



10. When You Finally Get Hold Of That Crumb That Fell Down Your Cleavage

There is nothing embarrassing and stressful than getting bread or cake crumb falling down your cleavage at a party and when you’re able to grab it in time before it falls down further where you can’t reach it, it feels so great because it makes you feel like you just saved the day.

Young woman (20s) sitting at table with cocktail.


Women will always be women no matter what.


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