How To Impress A Woman On First Date

How To Impress A Woman On First Date
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Many males fight so hard to make that remarkable first time date with a new woman in their life, too much is too bad Kindly follow these quick 5 steps and you will be amazingly off the hook.

Dress with finesse.
Instead of just grabbing something out of the closet, think about it first. Choose something that is simple, but sophisticated. being clean helps too. Try quality accessories such as unique watches, belts, bow-ties. These easily catch the women's attention.

Perfect the proper greeting.
Pick your date up with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. Greet her warmly and place a slight, but lingering, kiss on her cheek. Never shake her hand. (This isn't a business meeting, after all.) However, if her body language says, "Don't you dare touch me!" then don't you dare touch her. Do offer a sincere compliment. Charm her with a bit of classic etiquette. Hold the door for her. Let her go first. In the restaurant, give her the seat with the better view.

Decide whether or not to meet her at the place or pick her up from her house.
Generally, it is a good idea to pick her up from her house because it shows that you really care about the date.

This will also give you a chance to talk on the way. It is an especially good place to ask her about her music tastes since you will be able to easily play music in your car.

Look good. 

It is key to making sure you dress appropriately for the occasion. If you're going to a fancy restaurant, wear nicer clothes than if you were taking her to a movie and ice cream. Take a shower, fix your hair, put on deodorant and cologne, brush your teeth, carry gum, wear a nice clean shirt, pants, and shoes, and don't forget to shave your face. Your time and effort in your looks will let her know that you care. If you are unsure of what to wear for where you are going consider these different dress codes:

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