Signs You Are the Type of Girl He Likes

Signs You Are the Type of Girl He Likes
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If you like a guy, sooner or later you will be wondering about the types of girls he likes. Basically speaking, all men want the same “type”: attractive, intelligent, smart, and with a good sense of humor. If you have all this, you have a really good shot at getting any guy you like. But does this particular guy like you?

Types of Girls that Catch Guys’ Eyes and Whether or Not You Have Any Chance with the Guy You Have Your Eye On

So what are exactly the signs you should be looking for to know whether or not he’s into you? Is there really a way to tell for sure?

You can have it your way

It is a known fact that men like to do things their way. However, if the right person comes along, they might give up their way just to make you happy. There might be some minor things you like, such as having the bed made in a certain way. If you go home one day and find it done just the way you like it, you can be sure that he is a keeper; he cares for you just as much as you care for him. This also means that sometimes you will have to give up your way to have things his way.

When it comes to the types of girls guys like, you should know that chivalry is not dead. No matter how open-minded and modern he might be, your guy will always appreciate your feminine side and for this he will treat you like a lady. As you might imagine men prefer the women who know to act like a woman.

He might like showing you off

You can know you can stop asking yourself “am I his type” if you notice him showing you off to is family and friends. Contrary to the common belief, men like women to have a brain as well aside from their looks. You may catch him gloating about one of your current success stories.

He believes in you

In case you are asking “is he into me”, you have to think about the support he gives you. Does he believe in your dreams? Does he support you with your decisions? If the answer is yes, then you can be sure that he is more than into you. If you know what you want and you know how to get it, he should be 100% by your side and tell you that you can do it. If he comes up with all kinds of “buts” and excuses, it might be time for him to hit the road. You don’t need someone to hold you back.

Men like to seem independent as if they didn’t care for anybody. However, at one point someone might come along, whom they are willing to spoil and pamper every way that they can. If you ask yourself “am I the one” and you find him doing all kinds of crazy things for you, you can be sure that the answer is affirmative.

He always has time for you

Let’s face it: we are all busy people, but we have time for the people we want to have time for. If you are somewhat insecure, you might ask “is he really into me”. Think about it: does he give up the little free time he has just to be with you? If he is making sacrifices to be with you, you should do the same.

Those little touches

Although this might be his unconscious working, if he really likes you, we wants to be physically close to you. This means that he will touch you from time to time. These will be light touches, such as stroking your arm, patting your back in reassurance or holding your hand when the time comes. It all means that he wants to hold you to feel that you are close to him. He also wants to show you that he doesn’t want to let your go.

In case you’re looking for signs he's not into you, here is the most obvious one: him referring to you as a friend. You may have been seeing each other for a while and you might have thought that you are on the right track when he introduces you to his friends as a friend. You don’t want to be his friend! If he still considers that you’re nothing more, it might be time for you to move on.

You can always find out if you are his type of girl. Sometimes you just have to listen to your intuition to know whether or not he’s into you. Like it or not, you always know.

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