Why Museveni’s brother Sodo stepped down from Mawogola North Parliamentary race

Why Museveni’s brother Sodo stepped down from Mawogola North Parliamentary race
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Aine Godfrey Sodo Kaguta the strongest candidate in the hotly contested Mawogola North MP seat has stepped down, just hours to the Thursday January 14th 2021 General election.

Sodo as he is commonly known, has been battling it out with Shartis Musherure Kutesa, a daughter to Foreign Affairs Minister and incumbent MP Mawogola North, Sam Kahamba Kutesa.

However, the country was sent into shock when Sodo he announced on Wednesday morning that he was stepping down. While many thought he would advise his supporters to rally behind Shartis, he only told them to vote whomever they want.

Why he stood down;

For several months, President Museveni has engaged in meetings with his young brother Sodo and Kutes, noting that he was tired of confusion in his family.

According to Sodo, his brother requested him on several occasions to step down in favor of Kutesa, so as to facilitate unity within the party and their family.

On Tuesday, the President met the NRM team of contestants from Ssembabule, Mawogola North and Mawogola West to urge them to work together for the good of the Party.
While Sodo did not divulge details, he noted that he made the decision to step down for the good of his family. He also cited respect for his brother President Yoweri Museveni’s advice,  saying he is his father figure.

Sodo who had an upper hand in tomorrow’s election had stood as an independent against Musherure after they both lost the flag during primaries.

However, Sodo dragged the NRM party to court and was given the flag, mid campaigns. Musherure will now compete for the seat with the other candidates including; independents Salim Kisekka, Ismail Wagaba, Christine Nakayiza and Hillary Tukundane, Lyazi of the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC and Henry Nyanzi for National Unity Platform-NUP.

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