FDC’s Amuriat spends night in Police Coolers 

FDC’s Amuriat spends night in Police Coolers 
Photo: Unknown 2021-01-11T08:42:26Z

The Forum for Democratic Change, FDC Party Presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat spent Sunday night in Police cells at Mpigi CPS and has not been allowed to meet his lawyers or his team. 

Amuriat was arrested by a team of police officers led by ASP Erias Twesigye the OC Station Mpigi, on Sunday

Twesigye was recorded on camera punching the candidate in the lower tummy, before surviving a hot punch from Amuriat who was enraged.

According to the Party leadership, their candidate has been denied food, since yesterday when he was arrested and his team is not allowed to give him food. 

“We also don't know how his health is after being violently arrested and beaten during arrest. He still needs your prayers” the Party says.

Police remains silent about the incident and it remains unclear whether the candidate will be released on bond or taken to Court later today.

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