FDC Supports Standing behind candidates in Upcoming LC1 Elections

FDC Supports Standing behind candidates in Upcoming LC1 Elections
Photo: Unknown 2017-08-28T11:18:34Z

Opposition Forum for Democratic Party, FDC has welcomed the voting system for LC elections recently communicated by the electoral commission.

Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, the EC chairman recently announced that voters will stand behind candidates or their portraits and symbols to select LC leaders.

However, the move has been criticized by civil society organizations which have equally threatened to petition the constitutional court over the matter.

Simon Kaheru of Citizens Coalition for electoral democracy CCEDU, protested the move, saying they will petition court to amend the Local Governments Act.

In the past, FDC, the leading opposition party did not support the move, however, this morning, Paul Mwiru the party assistant publicist said they are on board and fully support the system.

Mwiru exclusively told, that standing behind a candidate will discourage the ruling NRM from carrying on with their infamous ballot stuffing.

According to the publicist, it will also be hard for the NRM to deploy agents to disorganize other people’s camps. “We are prepared for these upcoming LC1 elections. Whereas the system of lining has disadvantages of fear, but also, it has an advantage that NRM has been engaging in ballot stuffing, that every time there has been an election they engage in ballot stuffing and the rule of the people is subverted” Mwiru said.

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