Dr. Mayambala replaces Kezaala as DP National Chairman

Dr. Mayambala replaces Kezaala as DP National Chairman
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-31T12:34:37Z

Opposition Democratic Party, DP has accepted the resignation of former party National Chairman Muhamad Kezaala who is joining the diplomatic world as a deputy ambassador.

Norbert Mao the party president said they had a meeting with Kezaala and asked him to reject President Museveni’s job, but he decided otherwise.

In turn, Mao says the top party leadership decided that Kezaala could not stay in his capacity of DP chairmanship as well as serve in a diplomatic office. He was there asked to resign and so he did last night.

“After a lengthy discussion, the national chairman informed us that he had decided to accept the appointment, and that he considers it a civil service position; we informed him that our preference would be that he rejects the appointment but ultimately the decision should be his according to his conscience; we agreed that a public service position cannot be held concurrently with the position of national chairman of the Democratic party, upon receipt of the instruments of appointment to the said ambassadorial position, the national chairman would have to relinquish his position as a leader in the party” Mao told the press.

He later explained that Kezaala accepted to step down and his resignation was accepted.

“As of now we all know that the national chairman has tendered in his resignation through the deputy secretary general. With deep regret, we accept his resignation. The deputy national chairman Dr. Kiwanuka Mayambala will perform the duties of that office and assume those duties with immediate effect.”

Mao added that it was agreed in the Saturday 28th Jan meeting that the departure of Kezaala should in no way lead to the imputing of improper motives on him given his years of faithful service of the party.

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