Kadaga to Rukutana; Get that ‘Stupid’ Court Order Vacated Immediately

Kadaga to Rukutana; Get that ‘Stupid’ Court Order Vacated Immediately
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Parliament will not carry out any business until the attorney General Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana has gone to court to ensure that a court order by Deputy Chief Justice to stop the house from discussing the 6bn shillings cash bonanza has been vacated.

This afternoon, the house was served by a court order drafted by Justice Stephen Kavuma on Monday evening halting the house from investigation or even debating on the said matter.

However, the speaker said the Court Order was not effective if it was served when the House is already in session as was the case today. However, the Attorney General informed her that the Court order was indeed genuine.

This led to angry reactions from legislators. West Budama MP, Hon. Jacob Oboth Oboth said he feared there could be more court orders if this was honored. "My fear is that another court order might come tomorrow restricting Members from coming here" Hon. Oboth Oboth said.

Prof. Ogenga Latigo on the other hand said the nation is decaying if individual judges are to be allowed to issue court orders. “How one individual can issue a court order to stop Parliament from doing it's work should be a sign of national decay” Prof Latigo noted.

This also angered the speaker who said she could not allow court to dictate how the house operates and determines the order paper.

"We are facing an unprecedented situation where the doctrine of powers is being tested. I cannot accept a situation where the court dictates how we operate and determine the order paper" Kadaga angrily said.

She then directed the Attorney general to get the order vacated, or the house will not have any business.

"I direct the Attorney general to move to court and have this stupid order vacated. I will adjourn the committees and plenary of this House sine die until the court order is vacated" she said.

The Speaker then adjourned the House indefinitely until the court order by Deputy Chief Justice is reversed.

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