Operation Wealth Creation is an Organized Chaos — Hon. Mpuuga

Operation Wealth Creation is an Organized Chaos — Hon. Mpuuga
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-02T08:18:03Z

The Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga has criticized the ruling National Resistance movement party, NRM for failing to contain a severe hunger that has hit the country leading to the death of several Ugandans.

According to Mpuuga, the country is suffering with famine and the 35 year old government continues to look on without any solutions. “The country is suffering with famine; this is not a problem of nature its man and greed. Feeding people whether directly or indirectly is a job of politicians” Mpuuga said.

He added; “I am waiting for somebody to come out and say we are sorry.”

The legislator also went vocal against operation wealth creation, saying it is not helping farmers at all, calling it ‘organized chaos’. He argues that Ugandans are hardworking people who wake up every day to try and grow some food, but are frustrated by poor agriculture mechanisms, saying political leaders have let down Ugandans.

In response, the NRM party electoral commission chairman Dr. Odoi Tanga said the country needs to bring in agricultural experts to help out.

“Operation Wealth Creation is an agricultural model. We must find out which model works best.”

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