We shall only disclose the Kasese King’s whereabouts to his family- Kaweesi

We shall only disclose the Kasese King’s whereabouts to his family- Kaweesi
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Uganda police force spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has revealed that the situation in Kasese is currently very calm and that business is back to normal and people are back to work.

Appearing on local TV station NBS this morning, Kaweesi also confirmed that the king of Rwenzururu, Charles Wesley Mumbere who was arrested last evening is currently being held at a certain police facility in Kampala, which he declined to name.

Pressed to inform the public and parliament about the Omusinga’s whereabouts, Kaweesi said he would only disclose such information to his family.

Shadow minister of internal affairs Muwanga Kivumbi said it was only fair for the police to explain to Ugandans and especially the subjects of Rwezururu Kingdom why their leader was arrested.

In response, Kaweesi said they had received information that the king was in danger of being killed by his own guards who were holding him hostage, so they arrested the king, to save his life.

The mouthpiece however says that given the situation Omusinga Mumbere is a key player, and will not be exonerated of his crime.

Meanwhile, Kaweesi could not disclose the number of people who died in crossfire. He however says the situation was like war.

He insists the 14 officers who died in the line of duty were attacked by people with explosives (locally made grenades) and guns.

Kaweesi could however not confirm the number of civilians who were killed. “I don’t know the numbers of the dead.”

He says Joy Doreen Biira, a journalist who was arrested misbehaved and was arrested for going beyond a boundary she had been warned not to approach.

She is being held at an undisclosed security facility

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