Besigye books afternoon flight after Police Messed his morning travel plans

Besigye books afternoon flight after Police Messed his morning travel plans
Photo: Unknown 2016-11-08T09:34:03Z

Opposition Ironman and former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye says he is booking an afternoon flight to Nairobi where is supposed to meet other party leaders before connecting to South Africa.

Besigye is expected to participate in the Annual Jurists Conference (AJC) in Durban South Africa.

The conference which begins tomorrow Wednesday 9th to 13th November 2016 has a main objective of deliberating on emerging legal and human rights trends affecting the Continent.

The theme of this year’s AJC is “State of Democracy and Transitions in Africa: Addressing the Regression”.

However, Besigye who is one of the experts on the panel was this morning blocked by police from leaving his home for his 9:00am flight.

He told reporters in Kasangati, that junior officers at his home said they hadn’t received information from their commanders about his intended travels.

“When I reached at the road block, I was simply informed that they have no information from their bosses that I am supposed to go out of my home today. I asked them who is supposed to give you information except myself, the owner of the home” Besigye narrated.

He added that “After 7am, one of their senior officers came and said you can open and let him go, but it was meaningless, it was already too late to go, so I decided to come back and re-organize since they are now stopping the blockade, I am trying to see whether I can get onto another flight later on in the day.

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