Besigye’s whereabouts still unknown

Besigye’s whereabouts still unknown
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-31T14:44:16Z

Drama ensued this afternoon as police arrested opposition ironman Dr. Kiiza Besigye at his home in Kasangati.

The four time presidential candidate had called a press conference this afternoon and was also supposed to meet some FDC party officials.

However, when the visitors and journalists reached his gate, police denied them entry, and also blocked all cars that were coming from Dr. Besigye’s home.

This angered the Colonel who in turn begun removing police barricades from his home gate to give way to his visitors.

However, the police did not allow him luxury to finish this as they came in big numbers and tried to arrest him. Besigye could not allow the officers to take him without a fight and pushed them away, until the infamous police van was called in and some strong officers who travel in it to whisk him away.

He told the arresting officers that he could not be arrested at his home like some thief, and neither would he allow his visitors to be treated like thieves.

“Go away, I will not allow this, you cannot arrest people at my home. Go away, this is my home” are the words Besigye kept re-echoing during his arrest.

Some members who had come to meet him insisted on entering the van and were carried along.

Jack Sabiiti, an old member of FDC and former party treasurer said they will not continue with such impunity. “You refuse us to go to his home, we are going to now take him to our headquarters, you don’t want him, now what do you want?” a charged up Sabiiti wondered.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who had also showed up for the said meeting could not hold his tears as he was lost of words and could not even comment on the issue.

The police on the other hand were seen whispering and could not divulge to journalists where Besigye was taken.

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