FDC Denies Plot to lead Vendors’ Protests

FDC Denies Plot to lead Vendors’ Protests
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-31T12:52:52Z

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change party members have denied an accusation by police that the party is planning on leading vendors in protests to defy a government directive to have them evicted from the streets.

Speaking to the media at Naguru police headquarters, the police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi said they had received intelligence that Dr. Kiiza Besigye together with other FDC leaders were planning to disrupt the city by holding a demonstration involving traders.

He adds that such events would not be allowed, and the force will ensure people’s businesses are secured from such individuals.

However, Harold Kaija, the FDC deputy secretary general says this is not true. He blames the police of fabricating these accusations only to steal money.

He claims police uses such fabrications to demand for fuel money, which they in turn swindle.

“Most of the money they earn is via trying to pretend they are actually averting demonstrations, stopping the movement of Dr. Besigye. They will tell their CEO Museveni that you see Dr. Besigye is organizing something. They are becoming an enemy of our economy” said Kaija.

 He added that; “Every month they use 1000 litres of fuel to run around chasing Dr. Besigye. That is one way of stealing money. So these tricks of trying to use the problems of the people of Uganda in a bid to earn money, we shall not accept, we shall fight and defy it.”

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