Preliminary Hearing in Lubwama’s Academic Qualification case begins today

Preliminary Hearing in Lubwama’s Academic Qualification case begins today
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Lubaga South MP, Kato Paul Lubwama is today expected to appear before the High Court in Kampala as preliminary hearing of a case in which he is accused of using fake academic papers to earn a parliamentary seat begins.

Lubwama was dragged to court by Habib Buwembo an activist and Lubaga south constituent.

Buwembo argues that the comic legislator failed O’level and did not hold a certificate which is a requisite qualification for A’level and the university admission.

The Hon. Kato Lubwama however says Buwembo’s case is dead on arrival, arguing that the time for filling electoral petitions has passed and cannot be extended by High Court, according to section 60 of the Parliamentary elections act.

However, the applicant blames his delay to file the petition on the fraudulent concealment of vital information by several government agencies.

Lubwama wants court to dismiss Buwembo’s reasons for delaying to file. UNEB recently supported Buwembo’s case, arguing that the MP failed his O’level and could not have obtained the Diploma in Music Dance and Drama from Makerere Univesirty, with such a result.

According to UNEB, Lubwama’s result put him in grade seven, yet only candidates whose results fall within division one to four qualify to be given certificate and therefore can proceed to A’level or do other courses.

Kato Lubwama blames all his failures on opposition party of FDC and the party former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

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