Respect Mugisha—Besigye Lashes at FDC Top Officials

Respect Mugisha—Besigye Lashes at FDC Top Officials
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-03T12:01:55Z

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye has advised forum for democratic change to respect party president Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu for the smooth running of the party.

Besigye was this afternoon addressing party members at his Kasangati home when he told them he is no longer the party president after serving his terms.

He said “the party has 1 leader, Gen Mugisha Muntu. But in every political party, there are as many views as there are people.” Besigye however explains that in FDC, they collect views and the ones that unite them, the important ones, they rally together around those.

Maj. Gen. Mugisha’s presidency has been disrespected by many party officials who continue to see Besigye as the party leader even after he retired from active politics some years back, only for him to bounce back. During his retirement, Muntu was elected.

However, the latter is branded by many as a toothless dog for refusing to support or engage in any demonstrations organized by top party shots who fall under Besigye’s illegitimate government.

Muntu has been criticized also for his soft speech by many who think he is not as aggressive as Besigye. Most people were however confused by Besigye who jumped out of retirement to stand against Muntu during party primaries ahead of 2016 presidential elections. Most Ugandans expected him to give way to the general to represent the party in the February election.

Many have since blamed the party’s loss of the presidency on the disorganization between the two factions of Mugisha Muntu and Dr. Besigye. 

Besigye’s allies include; Ingrid Turinawe, Mwijukye Francis, Nandala Mafabi, and many others.

The opposition ironman returned to the country today morninf and was immediately rushed to his home by police, while FDC top officials who had turned up at Entebbe airport to welcome him were left in awe as they waited, in vain.

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