DP Decries Poor State of the Health Sector

DP Decries Poor State of the Health Sector
Photo: Unknown 2016-07-26T09:49:34Z

The opposition Democratic Party, DP has condemned government for ignoring the health sector that lacks equipment and personnel.

The party condemns government for erecting buildings in the name of hospital and leaving them empty without beds, or any machinery.

Paul Kenneth Kakande, the party spokesperson based his reactions this morning to their sickly Vice President – Buganda region, Hon. Betty Nambooze who had to fly to South Africa recently seeking better treatment after hospitals in Uganda allegedly failed to contain her condition.

“She is improving and we thank all those who have been there for her” he said.

Kakande observes that Nambooze’s trip indicates the Ugandan health sector needs diagnosis. “We cannot go on living life normally when we know that minus the capacity to seek foreign treatment, death is an assured deal whenever one is diagnosed with serious ailments.”

Kakande observes; “The amount spent on treating government officials and their close of kin abroad should be invested here to build a vibrant and complete health care system. All Ugandans should embrace this call regardless of political affiliations and other divisions that may exist among us.”

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