Mao Rubbishes Tribal talk in DP

Mao Rubbishes Tribal talk in DP
Photo: Unknown 2016-07-01T10:48:21Z

The Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao has warned his rivals against spreading rubbish that he is practicing emotional blackmail.

Appearing on local TV NBS this morning, Mao said some people were witch hunting him as if he is not Ugandan.

He has been battling a section of party members especially from the central region who claim he is incompetent and has failed to lead the party to state house for many years.

“There are so many people in DP; I will not mention them for the sake of peace. They say, I cannot be led by an Acholi. There are those who go around saying, where is Mao leading our party. I just want to distinguish that I am the least tribalistic person.”

Mao says he is a Ugandan and Baganda should not treat him like he is an adopted son from another country.

“I grew up in the East, I studied here in the central, my mother is from the west, and my father is from the north, I am Uganda made, why would I be biased against anybody?” Mao asked.

He believes that if DP delegates were to vote against Baganda, nobody would win. He says the North has more delegates that Buganda, though Buganda still dominates DP.

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