DP Speaks Out On Museveni’s Swearing In; He Is A Dictator And Tyrant

DP Speaks Out On Museveni’s Swearing In; He Is A Dictator And Tyrant
Photo: Unknown 2016-05-10T11:18:38Z

The opposition Democratic Party, DP has scoffed at the swearing in of President Yoweri Museveni for his upcoming 5 year term slated for Thursday this week, claiming he is not the rightfully elected president of Uganda, but a fraud.

Addressing the media at their offices on city house down town Kampala this morning, Paul Kenneth Kakande, the party publicity secretary said “This week is going to be momentous in history. After ruling Uganda for 30 years at gun point ‘democracy,’ he will on Thursday be swearing in for another term that could probably take him to 35 years of rule.”

He added; “DP reminds Mr. Museveni that all leaders who have spent that long in power earned tittles ‘Dictator’ and ‘Tyrant’ along the way and indeed he long acquired the two titles.” It’s no secret that he is bent to cling to power by any means at hand, like a tick on a cow.”

The bitter Kakande prophesied doom on the commander in chief of the forces that; “Museveni will go down to his grave unsure if he ever won an election truly, this must be disturbing to the conscience of the person of Mr. Museveni.”

The country is currently under strict surveillance as the president Museveni prepares to take an Oath on Thursday May 12th 2016, during a ceremony at Kololo that will be attended by at least 12 heads of state. These will later be hosted to a luncheon by Museveni at Munyonyo Speke resort.

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