2 Shot Dead In Kiruhura

2 Shot Dead In Kiruhura
Photo: Unknown 2016-03-15T08:43:22Z

Drama and grief struck Kiruhura district on Monday, after 2 boda boda men from neighboring Ibanda district were shot dead by police.


The ugly scenes developed when boda boda motorcyclists attempted to drag a motor cycle thief from Kanoni police cells with intent to lynch him, but police tried to foil their plans.


Benson Byaruhanga, the Kiruhura District Police Commander explains that his men tried to disperse the angry riders but they over powered them forcing the men in uniform to shoot in the crowd.


During the scuffle, Richard Kankiiriho a resident of Nyakatookye in Ibanda, and Edward Salongo, from Kigoto Ibanda who were been operating at Kitokye and Shell stages respectively, in Ibanda Town council lost their lives.


The duo’s death angered the rowdy and uncontrollable riders who would late set ablaze the houses of Iddi Dragoba, the Officer in Charge of Kanoni police post and unidentified crime preventer. They also slashed banana plantations belonging to the neighboring residents.


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