Over Shillings 600 million Youth Livelihood funds yet to be recovered from beneficiaries in Kwania district

Photo: Unknown 2021-12-01T12:54:53Z

Leaders in Kwania District are struggling to recover more than 600 Million Shillings disbursed to different groups under the Youth Livelihood Program-YLP.

The government through the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development disbursed 700 Million Shillings meant for the program in 2015. The money was disbursed to 191 youth groups, however, only 90 million shillings has since been recovered.

According to Allan Aboce the Kwania District Youth Livelihood Focal Point Person, the failure to recover the money is attributed to the poor enterprise selection, lack of training on financial literacy, and selfishness.

Kwania LCV Chairperson Geoffrey Alex Ogwal Adyebo, says that some youths fled to other districts after sharing the money, but promises that the district will follow up with the defaulters to recover the money.

One of the project beneficiaries identified as Tom Lakana Okwera argued that they were unable to service the loan due to the induced lockdown that impacted greatly on their businesses. He wants the district leadership to give a grace period to recover the money.

Proscovia Acam, the Kwania Deputy Resident District Commissioner encouraged the beneficiaries to mobilize themselves and refund the money, as other government projects like Emyooga are doing well unlike the YLP.

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