Government warns against teacher absenteeism as re-opening of schools nears

Government warns against teacher absenteeism as re-opening of schools nears
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-27T10:21:20Z

School heads and teachers have been warned against absenteeism as government prepares to reopen learning institutions.

The warning was sounded by Janet Kataha Museveni the Minister of Education and Sports while meeting a section of headteachers from different secondary schools at Kololo ceremonial grounds on Tuesday during the selection and placement process for senior one and senior five learners.

According to the first lady, when schools reopen in January next year, head teachers should ensure that they take part in the COVID-19 surveillance at their respective schools to safeguard learners under their care.

President Museveni re-imposed the second lockdown in the country, closing all educational institutions of learning, public gatherings and banning public transport after an escalation in the COVID-19 infection rates on June 18,.

The occurrence was blamed on school administrators who concealed information of infections in their respective schools. At that time, the president said a total of 948 Covid-19 cases had been registered at 43 schools in 22 districts.

The government has been working on the dissemination of the COVID-19 surveillance system to local government officers who are expected to train school administrators for effective implementation, in order to safely reopen schools.

The minister told the school heads that the surveillance system can only be effective if head teachers play their part by making timely reporting, early detection, and management of cases.

Adding that when schools reopen the ministry will not torrent absenteeism of both head teachers and classroom teachers since resumption will be a time for teachers to ensure effective learning of students whose education has been disrupted for close to two years.

She said that in a bid to curb absenteeism, they intend to roll out the teacher effectiveness and learner achieves system which will be used to monitor learning in school in real time.

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