Afrimoney customers with a refund claim to be paid through Stanbic Bank

Afrimoney customers with a refund claim to be paid through Stanbic Bank
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A joint press release issued by Africell Uganda Limited (Africell) and Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited (Stanbic Bank), subscribers, and agents of Afrimoney with unused balances will be paid accordingly.

 Africell UG permanently ended all mobile network services in Uganda on 7th October 2021. The subscribers will continue to claim a refund through Africell UG until 14th October 2021 by dialing *111#.

After 14th October 2021, customers will need to claim a refund directly from Stanbic Bank within ninety (90) days with effect from Monday 18th October 2021. If there will be any outstanding payments to be made after the lapse of the ninety (90) days, a thirty (30) day extension period may be considered by Stanbic Bank.

 Stanbic Bank offers a variety of payment options including but not limited to payments into Stanbic Bank accounts, Stanbic Flexipay wallets, other Mobile Network Operator (MNO wallets), as well as other bank accounts.

 All Africell UG subscribers and agents who seek to claim their Afrimoney balances after 7th October 2021 will be required to follow the process below.

 ▪ Subscribers & Agents: A formal request will be made to Stanbic Bank by the subscriber or agent, by completing an “Africell Money Claim Form” requesting the withdrawal of funds and stating designated bank account or mobile money number where the funds should be remitted. All applications must be supported with an original National Identification Card for both subscribers and agents.

Upon receipt of the aforementioned information, the subscriber/agent’s details will be verified against the database provided by Africell UG.

 ▪ Payment Options: Stanbic Bank will provide options that include but are not limited to; Transfer to Stanbic Accounts, Transfer to Stanbic Flexipay Wallet, Transfer to Other Bank Accounts (EFT or RTGS) and Transfer to Mobile Wallets.

Within Central and Greater Kampala, the following Stanbic Bank branches have been designated as places where claims can be submitted:

 • Wandegeya

• Makerere

• Natete

• Ntinda

• Bugolobi

• Kireka

• Mukono

• Entebbe

• William Street

• Lugogo

 Africell UG customers outside Greater Kampala can use the branch closest to them.

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