Committee Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons urged to keep time, fully support the functions of Parliament

Committee Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons urged to keep time, fully support the functions of Parliament
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Members of Parliament have been cautioned to use their Committees to assist the House in the performance of its functions, for technical expertise in order to fulfill this important mandate. 

While addressing legislators that have been appointment as Chairpersons and Vice Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committees, the Government Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa said it is worth noting that the roles of each committee are set out in the Rules of Procedure of Parliament. 

And therefore invite them to execute this mandate with passion and desire to deliver what the NRM Party promised this country. “As leader of the Parliamentary Committees, I urge you to offer Strategic leadership, build teams, plan and coordinate committee works, manage the finances of the committee in line with the approved work plans, produce timely reports and speed up all the work in committees. In addition, as chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons it’s your responsibility to maintain order in committee proceedings” Tayebwa said.
He added that in all their work, legislators should have integrity as they execute their roles in the committees, as this will protect the image of Parliament as a whole and the Party. “Let be at the forefront   to fight corruption in our committees.”

Hon Tayebwa said that his office will develop a performance evaluation tool to be discussed with the MPs in their next meeting, to assist in evaluation of the committee’s performance in each session. 

He added that this will help his office to determine what works well and what could be improved in the committees. 

“Performance Evaluation reports will be discussed quarterly to pave way for improvement and address the performance gaps.

“As chairpersons and vice Chairpersons it’s our duty to attend plenary and keep time in order to follow and contribute to the proceedings of the House specially to defend Government position and the NRM party. It is my obligation to caution you to avoid internal politics of MDA’s. I encourage you to treat Government Officials with respect and work together to achieve the NRM Manifesto” Tayebwa noted.

He added that in the 10th Parliament, the government was faced with very many private members’ bills and that some of these gaps in the laws are identified from meetings with MDAs. He therefore urged the MPs to share these grey areas with him so that the relevant government department can introduce the bill in the house. 

“Let’s work together to avoid scenarios were there are two bills in Parliament which are addressing the same matter. They do not only waste resources but also time. Let us work together to avoid what happened with the Succession (Amendment) Bill where the House had to deal with two bills on the same subject yet the mover was a member of the NRM.  I do commit to support you as Committee leaders with any guidance and information that you may require. We shall have regular capacity building programs to enhance our knowledge and skills in managing committee work and other Government Business.

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