FDC demands lifting of lockdown on Thursday, re-opening of schools

FDC demands lifting of lockdown on Thursday, re-opening of schools
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The Forum for Democratic Change, FDC says they do not support the temporary measure of locking down the country becoming permanent.

While addressing the press at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the party spokesperson Hon. Ssemujju Nganda said they want the president to relax the lockdown restrictions on Thursday and allow Ugandans to return to work. 

He noted that Ugandans should be allowed to move again and keep practicing the Standard Operating Procedures like hand washing, social distancing as well as wearing masks. 
“At worst, we should return to the zonal lockdown. If a particular area is experiencing a rise in infection, you can lockdown that area. But you can’t afford to lockdown everybody and the entire country because lockdown is supposed to be a temporary measure” Nganda said.

He added that they are disappointed as a party, because government has not used the lockdown to improve health facilities in preparation for other waves. 

Nganda says that while Uganda is in the second wave, other countries have experienced the 3rd and 4th waves which could happen in Uganda too. He says the 42 days should have also been used to vaccinate Ugandans, but the lockdown is coming to an end, yet Ugandans are still not vaccinated.

The party also wants government to start discussing reopening of schools. “We must also rethink of re-opening schools, because if you are going to experience COVID-19 it does not mean children will not study. You must find measures. We must reopen schools and then find measures to protect our children” Nganda noted.

The party spokesperson says government must find a solution as children can’t stay home until 2040.

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