LDC Saga; Students demand for results ahead of Tomorrow’s virtual graduation

LDC Saga; Students demand for results ahead of Tomorrow’s virtual graduation
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The Law Development Center-LDC has Thursday defended its decision to pass out students without showing them their detailed scores ahead of 48th graduation ceremony slated for tomorrow Friday. 

This institution has come under fire from students and other people on social media, for not releasing the results, yet it indicated that 90% of the students failed.

“So many of you by now know that over 90% of the students that sat LDC in the AY 2019/2020 "failed". What you don't know is that no single student has seen any results (as in marks of the exams they did). We have all been wondering where the list came from in the absence of our results because when we asked we were told that they are still compiling the results. So what informed the graduation list? No one knows. The students were given a deadline of 6 days to pay shs 300,000 per exam they supposedly failed to sit for supplementary exams” Agather Atuhaire, one of the students says.

She added that people are being asked to pay these exorbitant fees even when they do not know how they performed in the exam. 

“So you don't know how you performed in the exam but you are being asked to pay exorbitant fees (for context, a retake at MUK is shs 20,000) to re-sit it and somehow believe that this time they will allocate you a mark that will enable you to leave the centre” she said.


However, in his communication to the students about the virtual graduation, Everest Turyahikayo, the LDC Academic Registrar, noted that they will send out the detailed scores to the student’s individual emails on June 15th 2021, three days after the graduation.


Turyahikayo says that no student is expected to appear physically to check their scores due to the surge in the COVID-19 infections.   

But, the students have raised objection to this arrangement in accordance with rule 34(2) of passing the bar course, which requires the registrar to publish the final results within three working days after the management committee meeting held on May 28th 2021.


They claim that on June 7th, the academic registrar promised to release their final results but to date, nothing has happened. The students add that they were shocked to receive a communication about the virtual graduation, which is a day away without seeing their final results.

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