Uganda braces for Scientific 32nd Heroes’ Day Celebrations at Kololo

Uganda braces for Scientific 32nd Heroes’ Day Celebrations at Kololo
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Uganda will tomorrow June 9th 2021 celebrate the 32nd Heroes' Day anniversary, an annual event to pay tribute to people who exemplified and defended the highest values of patriotism and sacrifice for the wellbeing of the country and its citizens.

This year's theme is: "Remembering those Great Men and Women who put Nation first in pursuing freedom for our Motherland Uganda. 

According to Hajji Yunus Kakande secretary office of the President, heroic values to be celebrated include proven integrity, patriotism, self-sacrifice for the National Good, acts of bravery, setting a good example,  truthfulness, and love for others.

He said that Ugandans owe a great debt to the sons and daughters of this country and all the other heroes and heroines who fought for Uganda to be free. It is a debt we can neither repay, nor ever forget.

“The idea behind such a national gathering is to celebrate, preserve, protect and propagate the precious inheritance in the name of liberty our Heroes and Heroines left us. We are therefore, compatriots in the struggle of making Uganda a better Country to live in, which was the major spirit behind their Heroic deeds. It is the Cardinal duty for every Ugandan therefore, to protect, develop and sustain this spirit.” Kakande said.

Adding that the NRM Government further recognizes that, the spirit of Heroism can only be meaningful if citizens uplift their motherland Uganda into a modern, stable and industrialized country that will make every citizen happy and proud to live in. And that this can only be realized if Ugandans sustain the impressive economic growth, entrench democratic values and jealously maintain peace and stability they are currently enjoying,

“Certainly, there is still much to be done, but there is also much more to cause a celebratory mood in the progress made towards bringing Uganda to the ideals for which both living and dead Heroes sacrificed themselves. We will therefore, on the 9th of June 2021 remember those patriotic countrymen and women with pride because they did not die in vain as they laid a strong foundation for our progress of the last 32 years and an undisputed legacy” he noted.

This year's celebrations will be held at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds beginning at 9:30am - 1:30pm. As expected, this year's celebrations will purely be "scientific". This means, there will be no mass gatherings and huge ceremonies as it used to be few years back. There will be Ceremonies but with a minimal Heroes' parade mounted by Officers of the UPDF.
Very few invited guests from Government and the general public will attend, in line with the Presidential Directives issued on 6th June 2021 to combat the spread of the Pandemic. These have undergone COVID - 19 tests as a requirement to attending the function. They will also be perfect social distancing on at least 2 meters apart for those Guests in attendance.

“Ugandans are therefore advised to participate in these celebrations virtually in the comfort of their homes as a measure of observing the Standard Operating Procedure against the COVID 19. The main celebrations at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds will be relied live on all our national broadcasters.”

He called upon all Ugandans to reflect deeply and seriously on the sacrifices these gallant sons and daughters of Uganda made. Let each Ugandan get committed by celebrating the courageous Heroes that brought the peace and prosperity we are enjoying.

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