President Museveni to address country on COVID-19 progress next week

President Museveni to address country on COVID-19 progress next week
Photo: Unknown 2020-08-18T10:44:35Z

President Yoweri Museveni will next week address the country on the COVID-19 pandemic following an increase in confirmed cases and deaths. 

The President made this revelation during the ongoing National Resistance Movement, NRM virtual Delegates conference taking place at state house Entebbe.

Mr Museveni says people in Kampala have relaxed and are acting like the pandemic is gone, yet it can be avoided, if they all followed the Health Ministry guidelines.

“COVID-19 is completely avoidable by doing the following; always keeping 2 meters from one another while in public, always wearing mask in public, do not go to the public if you have got a cold and flu like symptoms you should not anybody get near you, stay isolated at home and do not interact with family members, call ministry of health helpline for assistance” he warned.

He added that Ugandans should avoid touching their soft parts that is the mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands. Always wash hands with soap and water or use sanitizers to disinfect hands and always sanitize surfaces used by many people like door handles, table tops, and chair arms among others.

The president said that while all this is tiresome whoever fries life keeps stirring and never relaxes the arm. He says no one should give up during the struggle to remain alive.

“Wanno mu Kampala, Abantu bakowadda emikono bagiteka wansi, kati corona ayingidde. Corona is now advancing very fat in Kampala, I think when I speak next week I will give more detail” the president said.

He noted that life is more important than wealth. Uganda’s COVID-19 cases have tremendously increased in the last few days with more than 100 cases confirmed over the weekend alone.

The death toll has also increased to 15, while cases are at 1,560.

There is fear that the country could slide back into a lock down if Kampala residents do not improve their ways and follow health ministry guidelines. The minister for works Gen Katumba Wamala also warned on Monday, that they will suspend public transport again, if things do not change.

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