Lukwago officially joins FDC, Police Besieges Party Headquarters

Lukwago officially joins FDC, Police Besieges Party Headquarters
Photo: Unknown 2020-07-28T10:35:33Z

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has officially joined the opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC party. 

Lukwago was welcomed to the party at the FDC headquarters where they are also unveiling the electoral platform 2021-2026 

The Lord Mayor was unveiled by the party President Patrick Amuriat who said that it is a dream come true. “We have kept dreaming and every time we wake up, we think it is going to be real. But it was not to come until this very day” Amuriat said.

He thanked all party leaders especially Col Dr Kiiza Besigye who managed to convince Lukwago into joining the party. Adding that they have fought and suffered together with the Lord Mayor on the battlefield though he had never come out as a blue person.

“Today is a historic day when we welcome him to the party that he should belong. The FDC will never be complete without Erias Lukwago joining it” Amuriat said.

Amuriat also said that the media has been misrepresenting their party, but they will not relent. Lukwago was given a party card, number 616467 and the constitution, while his wife was also handed a party card and officially received to the party’s women’s league.

In his speech, Lukwago said he is young and willing to serve under the FDC Party. He further said that he had been in FDC as a visitor and comrade in struggle, but was excited to be at Najjanankumbi in capacity of a fully-fledged party member. 

He thanked the party members for a great reception, promising to always connect with his colleagues as they work to unseat President Museveni. Lukwago also thanked his former home, the Democratic Party for giving him a platform to make a contribution in the politics of the country. 

“I would like to state that all the time I have served as Omuloodi wa Kampala, I have never been expressly endorsed by my former party. Those of you who may be mistaken to think that I am here for a meal card, I am at City hall on DP ticket. I am not here for scheming” Lukwago said. He noted that an FDC ticket should be treated as an ATM card not a meal card. 

“I am here to cement my bond with a team of patriotic and charismatic leaders to build a prosperous and just society” he explained. Lukwago noted that FDC is a political organization with solid values fighting for rule of law, social justice and prosperity for all.

Former party President Dr Kiiza Besigye said he was excited that this day has finally come. Besigye noted that he has been angry in the last few days, but today was a cause to celebrate, because his brother Lukwago has come home.

“We are united by blood. That’s why today I am glad that we are now united in our home. So welcome home and I would like to thank the FDC leaders and members for giving you a befitting welcome to our home in najjanankumbi” Besigye said.

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