More Watoto choir members return home after 3 months in Brazil

More Watoto choir members return home after 3 months in Brazil
Photo: Unknown 2020-07-20T07:18:37Z

At least 88 Ugandans that were stranded in Canada, Brazil and the Caribbean have arrived back home after spending close to 4 months of lockdown in these countries following closure of Entebbe International Airport due to the novel Coronavirus. 

The group which arrived on Sunday evening consists of 26 members of the Watoto Children's Choir who had been stuck in Brazil. 

The choir was stranded in Brazil with their caretakers, the young choir members, a mother and her child. They departed from Brazil on Saturday for Entebbe Airport aboard Ethiopian airlines.

Over 600 Ugandans returned home this weekend alone, majority of them coming from the United States of America, the Caribbean and Qatar. These include US visitors visa holders, student and research fellow visas and Ugandan resident permit holders who failed to travel back after the closure of all borders on March 23, 2020.

All these have been checked into institutional quarantine that is mandatory for all returnees and will last 14 days before they can go home. 
A total of 2,400 Ugandans who were stranded in 66 countries across the world due to travel restrictions are expected to benefit from the current repatriations.


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