People Power, FDC attack EC Chairman over upcoming Scientific elections 

People Power, FDC attack EC Chairman over upcoming Scientific elections 
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Ugandans should stand and fight for their right to a transparent election, Robert Kyagulanyi the People Power pressure group leader has said.

While addressing the press this morning, Kyagulanyi accused President Yoweri Museveni of meeting with the Electoral Commission and giving them orders to organize what he called a scientific election that will only benefit him.

“Using the coronavirus as an excuse, he is banning public rallies and other aspects of an election as we know them! No Ugandan should be fooled into believing that Museveni is doing this for the safety of Ugandans” Kyagulanyi argues.

He added that currently, most urban places are filled with people going about their usual business uninterrupted without social distancing. “If anyone has any doubts, please visit Kikuubo, or any other urban place. Therefore Museveni and the Electoral Commission should not take Ugandans for fools.”

He also argues that when the opposition were barred from holding consultations, and his music shows cancelled, there was no coronavirus. 

Adding that what the President fears, is the people. 

“He was hiding behind the Public Order Management Act and now he's hiding under COVID19 to block us from reaching the people. Therefore, there is nothing like a scientific election. For us, we are going for a real election because a scientific election is not an election. The promise of our Constitution is a free and fair election” Kyagulanyi warned.
He argued that a free and fair election means that every person who has a right to vote can go and express his or her will voluntarily, without being influenced by money and intimidation. It means that all candidates are given equal opportunities to convey their message to the voters so that voters can make an informed choice.

Kyagulanyi warns that he will be challenging Museveni in an election that is envisaged by the law. He also put the president on notice, claiming Museveni did the same on the eve of the 1980 election, when he put Obote on notice. 

“We are telling you that you either organize a free and fair election or step down peacefully, but if you continue provoking the patience of the people of Uganda, they will rise up against you and you will end up in the dustbin of history like your friend Ghadafi, like your friend Mobutu and like your friend Omar El Bashir” he warned.

According to Kyagulanyi, Uganda should borrow a leaf from Malawi and Burundi where elections have been successfully held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Open rallies were held in these countries, and in the US, the same is currently being done. He says that President Trump is holding mass rallies in the US, despite them having bigger numbers of Coronavirus cases.

The Forum for Democratic Change party spokesperson Hon. Ssemujju Nganda also says the proposed scientific election is not provided for in the constitution as it is not giving citizens a chance to actively participate in the election.

“These elections are not for the electoral commission or people seeking offices, they are elections for the entire country” Nganda told the press on Monday.
He noted that Justice Simone Byabakama the EC Chairperson is handling the election as a private party. Nganda accused him of denying more than 1 million Ugandans an opportunity to register as voters. 

Recently, Col Dr Kiiza Besigye the president of the people’s government also said the “scientific election” is a fraud, and asked Ugandans not to participate, as it is only meant to help President Museveni remain in power.

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