COVID-19 Cases drop as President Museveni prepares to address nation this evening

COVID-19 Cases drop as President Museveni prepares to address nation this evening
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Uganda is set to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and many are hopeful that the President will finally open the country to its full functions.

On Sunday, only 4 people tested positive for COVID-19, an indication that the country is at a great chance of defeating the pandemic. In the last few weeks, numbers have been reducing, and confirmation of only 4 new cases shines a light of hope.

Currently, Uganda has confirmed 774 COVID-19 cases and registered 631 recoveries. This means the country is remaining with only 256 active cases. 143 of the active cases are Ugandans while 113 are foreigners who are all admitted at different referral hospitals across the country.

The 4 people who tested positive on Sunday include 2 that are among 1,600 samples from different points of entry and 2 others among 624 samples from community alerts and contacts. All confirmed cases are Ugandans.

The cases from points of entry include one truck driver from South Sudan via Elegu point of entry and another who arrived from Kenya via Malaba point of entry. 

Meanwhile, the other two from alerts and contacts include; 1 case from Amuru district who has been under quarantine and another from Kyotera district.

14 foreign truck drivers who tested positive at different points of entry were also returned to their countries of origin. They include; 9 Kenyans, 3 Tanzanians, 1 Burundian and 1 Rwandan.  

President Yoweri Museveni will address the nation at 8pm this evening about easing the lockdown, following the current reduction in cases. Currently boda boda riders, business people operating in arcades, Churches, Schools, Bars, Salons, Gyms among other sectors are still under lockdown and not allowed to operate.

However, some sectors which were allowed to open like markets and shops especially in down town Kampala have failed to adhere to the guidelines of social distancing and wearing face masks to control the spread of the disease, while some facilities including bars and saunas are also operating illegally.

Boda boda riders who were ordered to carry cargo and retire at 5pm every day, are also seen carrying passengers not just in the suburbs but also in the central business district. They are also seen operating beyond the curfew time of 7pm.

Motorists have also continued to ignore the curfew from 7pm to 6am. Many are still on the road by mid night and police hasn’t effected arrests for such. Last week, experts warned that if things remain the same, there is likely to be a more dangerous 2nd wave of the virus. 

Many are hoping that the remaining sectors shall also be re-opened soon after the president’s address this evening.

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