Besigye says new Electoral Roadmap is a Fraud 

Besigye says new Electoral Roadmap is a Fraud 
Photo: Unknown 2020-06-18T08:29:01Z

The new Electoral commission roadmap to the 2021 General elections is a total fraud and not provided for in the constitution of Uganda, the former FDC President Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has said.
While appearing on a local TV station this morning, Besigye said that everything provided for in the new roadmap that indicates a shift to the first ever digital election, was made to benefit President Yoweri Museveni.
Besigye says that the EC chairperson Justice Simon Byabakama was seen at state house last week, seeking guidance from President Museveni, who already showed interest as a candidate in the forthcoming election. 
The new roadmap which was announced on Monday, tries to fit in the new condition brought about by the COVID19 pandemic that does not allow people to gather for rallies, for fear of spreading the disease.
“A scientific election is not provided for in the constitution, unless again we amend the constitution. The whole program is dead on arrival and therefore the people of Uganda should throw it out of the window with all the contempt that it deserves” Besigye said.
Adding that “It is not a Byabakama roadmap, it is a direct Museveni roadmap. Before Byabakama made that roadmap, he was in state house last week on Friday to get instructions on the roadmap, talking to the candidate, the one who has already declared himself a sole candidate of the NRM Party. He maybe the president, but the electoral commission is not under the direction of any person or authority. 
The former presidential candidate argues that if the EC was an independent body, it would have looked at the constitution, the laws of the nation, and realized that it cannot organize an election in the circumstances. 
Besigye says the EC should have invited all stakeholders including the NRM to seek their guidance, but this was not done. He argues that if an election is not held, only President Museveni will be obligated to leave the power, as the constitution allows for extension of parliament but not the President.
He noted that the country is ready to lose Museveni and negotiate for another leader to take over. Several politicians especially in opposition plus other stakeholders have come out to denounce the roadmap as a joke.
According to this roadmap, all campaigns are to be done digitally, on TV, Radio and social media. This left many wondering whether they will be allowed airtime on the radio and TV stations owned by their rivals in the ruling. Majority of the radio stations especially those upcountry, are owned by Members of parliament subscribing to the ruling NRM Party.

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