Police re-echoes Warning on wearing Masks in public places 

Police re-echoes Warning on wearing Masks in public places 
Photo: Unknown 2020-05-14T15:40:34Z

Uganda Police Force will not negotiate with anyone that is found walking around without a mask. 

Polly Namaye the deputy police spokesperson says that the law has been passed that for one to move in public places must have a mask. The president in his last address told all Ugandans that they should were masks each time they leave their homes. 

“The IGP directed all police officers to wear masks, Ministry of health has also come out with a law on wearing masks in the public health act. So there is no negotiating about this, whether you like it or not, you must wear masks” Namaye said.

She added that police has already started operations to ensure that people wear masks and that they are also sensitizing people to buy or make masks.
Meanwhile, police has registered an increase in crimes across the country. According to Namaye, such high number of criminal cases like break-ins, thefts, murder and accidents have come up again. 

She explains that there are big numbers of people in towns now and this could be the cause, but adds that they have deployed police and LDUs to deal with the criminals.

Also, members of the public have been urged to report any suspicious individuals in their communities to ensure that they are investigated. 

“We would like to encourage everyone to be cautious, mindful and alert during this lockdown” Namaye warned.

On May 7th in Buyende district, one person who is suspected to be mentally disturbed attacked a butcher and cut off his fingers demanding for meat. The same man attacked people who had come to the rescue of the butcher.

The butcher identified only as Katamba and the duo that attempted to rescue him identified as Ngobi George and Bamparana Otim were all rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, Ngobi and Bamparana passed away on May 8 due to the severe cuts. 

The attacker was also arrested and taken to Butabika for mental examination. He will only be charged if found mentally stable. Namaye has asked members of the public to inform authorities when such people are spotted in communities.

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