Joint Security Task Force Urges Ugandans to adhere to Presidential Directives in the next 21 Days

Joint Security Task Force Urges Ugandans to adhere to Presidential Directives in the next 21 Days
Photo: Unknown 2020-04-15T11:18:01Z

The joint security task force says it will continue enforcing the presidential directives on the current lock down after President Yoweri Museveni extended the lockdown for an extra 21 days, up to May 5th 2020.

The president also said the earlier communicated 34 measures, which include closure of schools, Churches, shops, salons, entertainment places, suspension of both public and private transport among others, would remain in place for an extra 21 days, starting Monday April 14th 2020.

Addressing the press at Uganda Media center in Kampala on Wednesday, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said they will continue enforcing the measures, and urged all Ugandans keep up the spirit of sacrificing for each other.

Enanga said there is still a threat with movement of truck drivers across the region. 

“We can see that the government’s approach to fighting the COVID-19 is working. Therefore, let us remain focused on following the advice that is given by H.E the president and the ministry of health” Enanga said.

He further revealed that the Office of the Prime Minister is meeting with different stakeholders and members of the joint security task force to review the restrictions of boda bodas and other bikes beyond 2pm and the outcomes will be communicated after the meeting.

The Tactical emergency call center at Naguru police headquarters is still open with the number 077 9999999 which all Ugandans can use to call and report abuse of power by security agents as well as any forms of corruption especially at border points.

Security continues to screen all motor vehicles and arresting anyone using fake and invalid stickers. He cautioned such individuals to stay home and avoid being arrested. 

The police has meanwhile arrested 8 people in greater Bushenyi after they were found playing pool table at around 8pm on Tuesday. In Kigezi (Rubanda District) police impounded 7 vehicles and arrested 14 people who are being charged, 3 suspects were arrested in a local bar in Rukiga while drinking despite the curfew. These were found with 5 jerrycans of local brew.

The suspects are identified as Musiimenta Didas, Kigambo James and Muhabwe Vastina.

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